Cheap Thrills Sticker Pack B

  • Cheap Thrills Sticker Pack B

Cheap Thrills Decal Pack B: The second pack of 6 limited edition, individual die-cut vinyl stickers designed by illustration duo Tado.
Inspired by the joys of simple pastimes, extreme RADness, and acute dorkism, each pack contains 1 of each of the following designs:

1. Flatland BMX Hoodrat Kitten
2. Godzilla Head
3. Home-Human Crocs
4. Ninley Pink Puppy
5. White Rabbit Art Bunny
6. Bosozoku Pizza-Hotrod

Show your commitment and love to your fav extra-curricular activities by beautifying your laptop, car, bicycle, rc car, pet, toolbox, skateboard, phone, toddler etc!
Sizes range between 5-8cm (2-3")
Comes as a pack with header card